What data centers today are doing wrong

Data centers today are built on old architectural concepts which are now considered to be obsolete. However, these concepts are considered to be outdated as there are now better ways of creating data centers. Because data centers are meant to last for a decade or so, not many existing data centers have updated their designs due to many factors. Nevertheless, here are some things that data centers today are doing wrong.


Using Raised Floors

One design method that a lot of data center applies is raised floors. It is considered to be an ineffective method of cooling by many parties. Even still, 90 percent of the data centers in the world still make use of the raised floors design concepts. While newer data centers are moving away from the raised floor design, there are still many things that can be done to make data centers more efficient.

Improvement on Cooling Design

Data centers today still make use of air conditioning to cool their server systems down. In practice, it takes a lot of energy to move air, especially through centrifuges. The better alternative to air is to cool down the servers by liquid injections instead. To be precise, we are talking about water cooling instead. Canberra Data Centers switched to water cooling five years ago. The switch saved them up to 60 percent in energy usage; hydrogen, as we’re all aware, is the easiest to recycle.

The problem with switching an old data center from air to water cooling mainly revolves around costs. That is why water cooling is done on new data centers only, while even more are finding new ways to inject water into archaic systems. Nevertheless, there also new data centers that still prefer the traditional method of cooling simply because it is faster and cheaper to build.

Expansion Space

New data centers are often empty and it will be years before it becomes full. The problem with having empty spaces is that you will need to cool down those areas as well and this easily costs money. That is why data centers that are already three to four years old decided to partition the area so that they do not have to waste money to cool those empty areas.

Instead of leaving the areas empty, it could instead be used as a small office or a storage area. The bottom line is to maximize the space in the data center so that it do not go to waste.

In Close

The world is changing at lightning speed, specifically in the world of datacenter technology. Companies are addressing new problems, launching new technology and redesigning server farms to compliment greener, more efficient needs of tomorrow. Five major technology players undergoing these drastic changes right now are: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Skype.

Data centers today should consider the economical factor such as designs and cooling as this can reduce the energy that the center uses. In the long run, it will save a lot of money as well as reduce the carbon footprint that the data center releases. With these tech giants realizing this growing carbon release problem, look for many new design implementations to spread outward towards smaller tech firms.



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