The best companies keep their employees happy

Successful business team

If you’ve ever worked at a job you hate, chances are you were being treated poorly by management. Employee happiness is key to preventing high turnover, but it can also positively affect your company’s bottom line. Happy employees work harder and stay longer.

When you examine the practices of some of the top companies in the U.S. to work for, they all have one thing in common: they take excellent care of their employees. Google, for instance, provides food and snacks, a fitness center, and a medical center. They also provide legal advice, a concierge, tuition reimbursement, maternity and paternity leave, and excellent death benefits.

Another company, SAS, provides childcare, flexible schedules, adoption assistance, short-term therapy services, and domestic partner benefits. Their turnover rate is only 2%, compared to the industry average of 22%.

BCG, a Professional Services company, offers its employees paid sabbaticals, pays 100% of healthcare costs, and will allow new hires to delay their start date by 6 months so they can volunteer at a nonprofit. In addition, they have a burnout prevention program and work life balance program to assure employee happiness and quality of life. They also offer a free dinner and a cab ride to any employees who are working late in the office.

The best companies to work for are the ones that take the best care of their employees, and those companies appreciate many economic benefits in return. Happy employees report putting in an extra effort at work and are less likely to seek employment elsewhere. In contrast, employees with a low job satisfaction level are almost always willing to consider changing jobs. In fact, they are 11 times more likely than a happy employee to change jobs within the next year. Learn more about the importance of employee happiness from this infographic.



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