Cloud: The best destination to manage customer identity data!


As the number of online customers are continuously increasing, the IT departments are struggling hard to deploy the techniques that gather this huge amount of data together to make it useful. In this process they are facing several challenges. Maintenance of legacy identity and access management is one of them. The legacy Identity management techniques were capable of handling thousands of identities with ease but as the number rose, many shortcomings of these old technologies have been exposed. They are:

Scope and Scale:-

The traditional identity management systems have been designed in such a way that they can manage millions of users at a time. But when it comes to deliver the performance when this data is the multiple of 100 then these legacy platforms find it difficult to manage.


The old IAM was designed to integrate internal processes and applications but when it comes to handle customer data they need to incorporate different set of applications and functionalities.


The traditional IAM platforms are perimeter based which are not very effective when it comes to tackling customer identity data.

Solution: Customer identity and access management!


Since number of drawbacks have been emerged up due to the revolution of digital world, IT leaders are now endeavouring to connect their business to customers which is no less than a challenge. IT executives are continuously struggling as they need to make a decision between repurposing the traditional IAM systems and designing a custom solution. Finally they made up their mind and came up with the cIAM platform, That is effective and easily implemented at low costs. Here some of the key features are categorised:

Improved user experience:

The newly developed cIAM platform has so many interesting features that also improves user experience. In such features password management, single sign on, social login and self service registration come on top places.

Crucial Customer Insights:

The current cIAM platforms are robust enough that one can easily understand customer actions across multiple channels. The 360 degree view of customer requirements increases the chances of having better understanding of customer interests and behaviour.

Powerful cloud platform:

The moderne cIAM platforms are cloud based as it is able to manage a large volume of unstructured data. It offers many other advantages as well such as:-

  1. On demand scaling
  2. Lower CAPEX
  3. Streamlined administration and demonstration.
  4. Easy access to software releases without the need of installation.

In one line cloud based customer identity management platforms reduces the  burden of handling of structured and unstructured data.


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