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Identity Centric Approach for digital businesses!


The digital word today is rapidly evolving around identities that’s why it is obvious to say that the future is going to be more identity centric. Identity is everywhere. From different information ecosystems to internet of things, identity is proving its importance.  So, for these business with critical niches, it has become essential to have an identity centric approach that ensures customer experience, security and privacy.

But how your identity centric approach should be like? Initially, most of the identity and access management solutions used to be dedicated to manage an organization’s workforce identities. The capabilities of these solutions were limited and the requirements were continuously increasing. And then digital market had started to ask for a unique identifier for each person and later on an era came where a user need to have proper authentication and authorization access to the applications he wants to interact. In a line the market wanted a system that must be able to manage dynamic profiles which is a combination of structured and unstructured data including demographics,preferences and relationships.

So to meet these requirements a customer identity management platform has been invented that has following key aspects of identity:

  • Is able to authenticate a person and authorize the systems and apps he/she can access.
  • Manages the data that describes the person like his/her name,address and age as well as preferences and choices.
  • Collects information about the things they own and control.
  • Records a person’s relationship with organization and other people.

With these key aspects cIAM is proving its worth and is qualified to be implemented as an identity centric approach to digital business. Along with this, cIAM is non stop evolving itself to adopt new authentication methods that are beyond passwords and multifactor authentications. It also helps businesses to take initiatives by providing them rich user profiles for analytics and operations systems.



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