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Google Spreadsheets: what’s there in the box?


Well MS Excel is no more in the picture now and Google sheets has covered almost every field. Today you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars just to have access to a solid spreadsheet program as you have a good program that too only a click away just like your local Google account. All you need to do is to log into your Google account, open your Google drive and you are good to go.

So if you haven’t started using these online sheets, then hurry up guys it is very easy to use and manage. And there are so many interesting Google Sheets features that makes it stand apart from ordinary MS Excel program. Let’s explore what’s there in its features list.

Chatting while Editing:

Wow! This is an amazing achievement offered by Google. When you are manipulating some data in your spreadsheet you can see a list of other users at the top right corner of the sheet, who at the same time are using that particular sheet. Google has benefited its users by providing a chat feature embedded with these online Google Sheets. With this feature you are able to do a real time discussion with others who have access to that particular sheet.

Revert to an older version:

There are chances that after making bunch of changes in your spreadsheet you realize that older values are much better than the recent ones. Don’t worry you can get back those older values with just one click. There is an option in your file menu “see revision history” that lets you to revert to an older version of your online spreadsheet. Isn’t it amazing?

Google spreadsheet filter views:

With this amazing feature of Google Sheets you can collaborate with so many other participants that too very transparently. You can filter your portion without having any kind of interference and work simultaneously on a single sheet. You can also name your filter for future use so that you don’t need to recreate them every time you need that filter.

Google sheet Gadgets:

There is plenty of add-ons in the repository of Google Sheets just like a Google Drive does. These gadgets allows you to enhance the data of your Google Spreadsheet by making it more visually appealing and allowing you to incorporate the data to a webpage and many other such add-ons. You can get these gadgets from Google visualization API gadget gallery.


Here I am explaining only a few features of this grand option of Google drive but believe there are many more such features. So first start using these sheets and then let me know what amazes you the most in the comment box below.



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