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The art of Doing Business:Customer Centricity


Business is an art which constantly requires hard work and excellence in order to sustain in market. Launching a product and marketing it isn’t sufficient for the growth, but there are other several factors too which helps a business to grow.

Businesses nowadays are facing challenges too which is making hard for them to survive. Challenges like increase in similar niche business, implementation of new technologies, climate, Taxes etc.

Businesses nowadays are trying new strategies and technologies in order to be in race of being the best. Technologies like Customer Identity Platform, Zero Touch Pay etc have made processes easier from Registration to billing.

Even though after implementing so many tactics, technology upgraded, many of the businesses are at a steady level or are benefiting but not at expected rate. The reason are unknown to marketing. CEO’s, CTO’s are worried and are doubting over the changes they have adopted, changes in their strategies and technology.

Some say, technology depends on business type. Yes some of the technologies are restricted to some businesses like 3D Printing. But it is not fair to doubt over technology and impose a pure blame on them.

Businesses are forgetting to analyze it to the basics. Basics of starting and running a business, commonly known as core values.
Customer centricity is one of the core values of a business. Customer-centric is an approach to do businesses that mainly focus on providing a good customer experience  before and after sales.

Business which opts customer centricity to its core, progresses well and earns reputation also.

Reputation is very much important for an business to emerge as a brand.

How to be customer centric?

For becoming customer centric, first one should analyze what a customer wants. With its help, one can make strategies and change present one.

Business should always be customer centric  and adapt according to audience. Customers are the force, which drives business !


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