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Don’t Ask Much Questions, Ask Less but Right Questions


For making sales, businesses should know their customers, they should step themselves in customer’s shoes and know what their customers want. Approach towards acquiring and satisfying customers seems easy but its execution is pretty hard. How can you know about customer’s requirements, without asking them. Custom Identity Management is the answer to the question. As we move forward in this article, I’ll also cover this part.

What’s right and what’s wrong for a customer cannot be decided by sitting in a discussion room full of marketing team, production staff and a table full of empty coffee cups.

A company’s owner may not know what’s on their customer’s mind, a marketing team may  differ with the decisions by other concerned departments. What to sale and what not to can be a bigger concern.

As I said earlier, a Customer Identity Management can help determining answers for some hidden mysteries which lie hidden in customer’s activities.

An Identity management platform helps in managing customer identity, identity include username and password for a single customer. Along with username and password, it also analyzes user’s likes, preferences and other internal demographics of a customer.
It helps businesses knowing how a customer interacts and how frequently it is changing according to trends.

Analyzing customers via a cIAM also helps in research. Businesses get to know about new trends which evolved with time.

How to ask less questions?
It seems very easy task  to sort down major questions. As you start listing question, gradually many more questions arises, and would seem important.

The concept of progressive profiling can be implemented here. In progressive profiling, customers are asked questions step by step. Once they login, they are asked certain questions, and based on those questions, another set of questions are asked upon next login. This not only gives required answers but also keeps customers temper low as they do not have to spend much time filling answers, once they login.

Do ask questions, to improve product and services, but ask wisely and smartly.


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