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Boost User Experience With Single Sign-On


How a user feels when interfacing with a website, how the website meets the exact need of a user without fuss, etc. are some factors that defines the level of experience that users are getting from your website. User experience (UX) mainly focuses on deep understanding of users. In regarding to the present era, UX is the base of success for a business. Businesses are giving their heart and soul to provide the best user experience. The competition is very tough today. Businesses know if they fail in delivering the best experience then they have to lose many users. Therefore, user experience is the first-priority for a business.

We often face a common problem, many time we have to access many websites of a business. For this, we need to create a new username and password for each website. The process is very long and time consuming and ultimately leads to poor user experience. Creating a new set of ID credentials for each website is really a tough job. Web single sign-on or WSSO is a solution that saves users from the situation.

With WSSO, a user gets the right to access multiple websites of a business using single username and password. That means no need of username and password  for each website. All the web services and applications of a business can be access with single set of ID credentials. The best part is, user does not need to remember multiple passwords anymore. There is only one password for many systems and web applications.  More importantly, the solution saves users time and effort. This directly reflects in the productivity because user can focus more on the website content instead of typing ID credentials.

Therefore by saving time, effort, improving productivity,  making user free from passwords and by providing one login access, the WSSO solution improves their web experience. For a business that has multiple websites, it becomes a must implement system.



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