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User Experience: Why it Matters a Lot?

User Experience or UX plays a vital role in determining how the customer see your services and brand. If your business website is slow, taking  a lot of time to load then it is of no worth. On other hand if it takes few seconds to load content and is also easy to use then it makes a positive impact on users. So being an owner of a website you need to put extra thinking while designing your website to make it user-friendly. Here I am going to explain some factors that are degrading experience of your users.

Poor Page Loading time:

“Time”- the most precious thing for us. For users, a delay of one second equals to a year. No one likes slow loading websites. Simply we do not have enough time to wait. Instead of that, we prefer to leave such websites in search of a better one. Optimize the content, images, and videos of your website to make it load fast.

Complex Web Authentication:

Simplicity wins everywhere. If you are offering users a complex and long registration forms process for website registration then you are making a huge mistake. Long forms are very boring and filling it is very time-consuming. Offer them a simple approach of website login. Implementing web single sign-on technology helps your users to authenticate themselves using one set of ID credentials . The solution simply eliminates the need of frustrating long forms.

Not Using Attractive CTA Buttons:

Call to Action buttons(CTA) avails a chance for users and customers to react on the services  that you are offering in front of them. So be sure to create  CTA buttons that can easily attract users and motivate them to click.

If you are missing the points that are mentioned above on your website, then it is a peak time for you to take some steps and provide the best experience to your users. Failing in offering great user experience is ultimately going to benefits your competitors. In the end, the thing that matters is “User Experience”.

PS: No doubt, the above-mentioned points will help you to out to boost user experience. Give them a try they definitely help you. If you also want to boost your online presence then you can submit your business website on citation sites. You can read an interesting and worthy article that will help you out to know the list of some great citation sites where you can submit your website here.


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