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Get Rid of Passwords and Add Security With Single Sign-On

Hey guys, let’s be honest! Do you have more than five unique passwords? I know the answer and it is a big no. Generally, most of us create a single username and password for many of the resources we access. We humans are very lazy, we do not prefer to create extra usernames and passwords because we have to remember them. But thanks to web single sign-on solution, it allows users to access all the websites and other resources of the same business using single credentials. The solution lets users access mobile, cloud-based apps and on-premises from any devices in a very secure way.


Here are some benefits of SSO:

  • Saves users from creating another set of username and password.
  • Saves users from an extra burden of passwords.
  • User get one click access to all the resources that belong to the same business.
  • Reduces support help-desk cost by reducing the number of calls related to “forgot password” request.
  • Improves user experience.

SSO adds security to your data

SSO centralizes web authentications on several servers by using respected servers for holding SSO modules. These servers are like gatekeepers that take care of all. The authentication must be passed through the SSO server then it passes along the credentials that have been secured for a particular website or application. One of the best parts of SSO is that it also has secure storage for ID credentials that makes the solution more tough for hackers to crack. The solution is also based on SAML(Security Assertion Markup Language), this makes it more secure.

But as we all know that every coin has two faces. It is also like two-edged sword, if it is not implemented properly it may degrade security. No doubt, SSO eases the access of logging-in to multiple websites but at the same time, it gives keys to hackers to access your resources if not deployed properly.

By keeping track of customers, removing access of the accounts of long-gone employees, keep monitoring the suspicious activities, and removing the fear of remembering passwords, there is no doubt that SSO is very important to increase IT security of an organization or business.

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