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Managing Customer Identity is No More Tough Job With cIAM

That’s pretty cool that you have lots of customers and you have a well-established business. You are doing your best to provide excellent service to your customers. Your marketing team is also planning to expand your business and make more customers. Right now, you have an expert team of IT and have enough hardware resources to manage the identities of your customers. But have you ever thought what will happen if  the number of customers exceeds more than the resources you have? How will you manage their identities? Because handling identities of millions of customers is not an easy job and that too in a secure way.

Customer identity and access management platform(cIAM), is a tool that helps businesses to manage digital identities of customers in cloud storage.

Reason why you need it?

Let’s suppose you have thousands of customers and they need to login to your business websites each day. To access website, they need to authenticate themselves first. Some customers manage to login without a hitch while many are unsuccessful because of failed authentication. This leads to poor and frustrated user experience and also increases complaints and bounce rate. This ultimately affects your dream of expanding business among new customers. So, you need to provide a service that makes the whole web authentication process simple and quick. cIAM platform is a combo of services like social login, single sign-on that makes web authentication quick, it also includes managing customer data and providing great insights about the customers.

profile storage

One of the biggest advantages of cIAM platform is, it is highly secure. The platform keeps all data points of customers safe, accessible and centralized in a cloud-based customer profile storage. Unlike earlier days, businesses do not need mass hardware storage devices to keep customers data. One of the problems with such devices is that they were not safe and users were not able to access services from anywhere like in the case of cIAM.

cIAM platform adds value to your business by providing the easiest way to web authentication, managing customers data in well organized and safe way and most importantly by improving customers experience. So, what are you waiting for? If you  have not implemented the platform yet then it is then it is a right time. Implement it fast and give your customers a reason to smile.

PS: Well with a cIAM platform you can manage your customers data and know them in a better way. But if you are planning to expand your business then also start submitting your business on citation sites, so that more and more people can know about your business.


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