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Single Sign-On: New Way of Web-Authentication!

Cool! You have dozens of ventures and for each, you have a particular website. That’s good but have you ever thought how much your users are suffering when they have to authenticate themselves? They need to authenticate each on your websites independently. This costs them both time and effort. They have to create a new username and password for each website. Okay! Let’s suppose one is able to create separate usernames and passwords for each of his account but do you think it is going to be easy for him to remember them all? The answer is a big no. No one likes passwords and no one can remember complex set of characters. You need a solution for this. The solution that makes the web authentication easy and quick.

One such solution is web single sign-on method. The solution lets your users  access all your resources and web services using only one set of password and username. Users do not need to create new credentials to access services. Creating one is enough for all. If a user is login to any of the resource then he will be automatically logged in to other services without entering credentials again.

Single sign-on has lots of benefits, will going to discuss them one by one below.

It is Secure:

The solution is SAML(Security assertion markup language) based, so hacking the system is almost impossible for hackers. Therefore, from a security point of view SSO is very important.  

Only one password to remember:

As I stated earlier, SSO allows users to access all the resources using a single set of credentials. That means users only need one password to remember. This also helps them to create a strong set of credentials.

Improves experience:

By saving time and effort, SSO improves user experience. User experience is one of the most important ingredients of success for businesses.

So, businesses with numbers of websites are implementing single sign-on solution. Do it fast for your websites and provide an easy web-authentication approach to your users.



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