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How Two-Factor Authentication Added Layer of Security?

What will be your reaction if you found that you have no more right to access your online transactions, your email id has been breached, online websites have been hacked and your credit card used for shady transactions? This is a very serious issue. Hacking credentials is very common today. From small to large enterprises, all are the victims of data breach. Not a single credential is safe. So, we need an additional layer of security that keeps our data and credentials safe from outsiders and that allows only valid person to access resources.

Two-factor authentication(2FA) is one method that keeps hackers out. Let’s explore more.

What is two-factor authentication?

2FA is an authentication process to double check whether the user identity is legitimate or not. Here, users have to verify themselves even after entering right credentials.

How does it works?

As the name suggests 2FA needs two-layer for authenticating.

First layer: When a user is trying to authenticate, he needs to enter his username and password. This is the first layer security.

Second layer: Well, user enters his credentials, the next layer of security is verification. Users need to verify himself by some means that only he has the permission to access for an example his mobile phone.

There are mainly 3 categories of verification:


  • By something that you know:This includes a password, an answer to secret question, PIN code etc.
  • By something that you have: Any physical means like your mobile phone, a SIM, a token, an ID card etc.
  • By something that you are: This is the most important category. It includes biometrics login. Therefore it is also called biological factor. Here you need to verify yourself using voice recognition, face recognition, thumb impression, DNA verification etc.
  • Location and time factor: Suppose you are login to your account from US and somebody else who has your credentials and trying to login from some other country after 10 minutes, the system automatically blocked him.


No doubt, two-factor authentication is secure and safe but new ways for cracking them will always pop-up. It’s just the way security game is played.


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