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Two-Factor Authentication: A Solution to The Password Problem

As headlines and breaking news are dominated with reports of data breaches and passwords hacks of major businesses users account, one thing is sure that passwords are no longer safe. Managing passwords securely has become a nightmare for businesses. Even after implementing lots of solutions and techniques, accounts are not hundred percent secure.

Problems with passwords


Users have dozens of accounts and for each, they have different passwords.The passwords that users are using are either hard to remember or easy to guess. Most of us don’t even realize how unsafe is to use the same password for different accounts. These are some easy targets for cyber attackers. But users have no other option because creating and remembering dozens of passwords are very difficult.

But there is a solution that takes care of your account and it is frequently recommended by the IT experts, that is “ two-factor web authentication or 2FA”.

It is a solution that requires two factors for authentication. Without the combination of two factors, the system doesn’t allow a user to access it. When a user is done with his credentials, he has to verify his identity using the second factor. The second factor can include:

  1. Device authentication factors are something that you have such as mobile phones ( using OTP), email verification etc.
  2. Environmental factors such as using geolocation, Bluetooth device id’s etc.
  3. Biometric factors such as fingerprints, voice recognition, retinal scanning etc.

Users have to encounter with at least two of the factors to authenticate themselves if they want to access a system that is protected with 2FA.

How it improves security?

Let’s imagine hackers have hacked your passwords. If the system is not protected with 2FA, they have full control of your private data. They can do whatever they wish to with your private information. They can even change your credentials and do lots more. But at the same time if your system is protected with 2FA and attackers have your passwords, still, they cannot access it. Because they need the second factor that they don’t have. That means your system is safe and secure.

So, friends, two-factor authentication is a must have solution if you want to keep your resources safe from cyber attackers.


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