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Some Pro’s And Con’s of Two-Factor Authentication

Protecting online accounts and details is must these days. With the increase in cyber crimes, safeguarding accounts only with some set of complex characters(passwords) is not enough. Hackers are everywhere and they are continuously trying to steal digital identification.


To set them back, you really need a solution that adds a layer of security to your accounts. One such solution is two-factor authentication or 2FA in short. It has already gained popularity in recent years especially among banking sectors where users data is very confidential.

Two-factor authentication is a way of improving security. In this method, instead of only one password, there are three parts involved: “something you are”, “something you know”, and “something you have”. The former is your password and the latter is something that you own and that shows your identity, like your mobile phone or thumb impression etc.


Since the method requires two different factors to login to a site and since hacker is not likely to have your smartphone, the level of security is greatly increased. Even if the password (first factor) is hacked, it would not help hackers still they don’t have access to the second factor and vice versa.

The two-factor authentication works best with biometrics as the second factor.


Imagine a situation where you have to access a website that is protected with 2FA, but you lost your mobile phone on which you are supposed to get the code. You will lose access to your website too.

But this is just a case with very low probability. Despite the mentioned drawback, 2FA is seen as a big player in improving security.

Some websites that are using 2FA

From last few years, many websites are offering two-factor authentication. Many IT security experts are also suggesting 2FA for protecting online accounts. Here are some of the websites that are switching to 2FA.

  • Social networks: Particularly Twitter and Facebook.
  • Webmail services: Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail.
  • Many cloud-based storage services including Dropbox.
  • Many financial services like PayPal and many banks.

The two-factor authentication is gaining popularity at an alarming rate and in future, it will likely to grow more. And why not, who doesn’t want to be safe and secure online accounts from data thieves and cyber attackers? Do you use 2FA for your online resources?


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