customer identity management

Technical Advancements That Boosts Online Businesses

From last few years, the way people are using the internet for shopping has changed. Now, people can order things from anywhere, whether it is office, mall, kitchen or bedroom. Anyone can book a cab, fix an appointment with a doctor, lawyer, laundry etc. very easily without visiting them. Technology has made everything available at your door. But if you are a business owner and not following your steps with these technical advancements, you will lose the game. In this article, I am going to mention some of the technical advancement that every e-commerce and online businesses must follow.

Mobile wallets

The day is not far when everything will go digital. The cashless transaction is at its highest peak. People hate to carry cash in their pockets and why not, carrying money in the pocket is an extra burden. There are several applications available in the market that helps users to pay using digital cash. You need to integrate your payment process with such apps.

Customer identity and access management solution

Like cash, identities are also going digital. Managing digital identities is one of the most needed thing these days. For this businesses are widely adopting customer identity and management (cIAM) platform. The platforms help businesses to offer simple and effective registration services and based on registration they can create insights.

The solution can be easily integrated with businesses and marketing tools and drives lots of positive results.

Single sign-on

These days having more than one business website is very common. To complete a task, users and employees have to create accounts on each of the websites and applications for which they have to waste lots of their time.

Single sign-on is a method that saves them from creating multiple accounts by allowing them to access services of the same business using one set of credentials. The approach not only saves them from creating passwords but also from remembering passwords.

These are the technologies that businesses must need to implement to boost customer experience and sales.


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