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What not to do on Reddit to keep your Karmas!

Reddit continues to prove its worth more and more with each passing day. Whether it is entertainment, sports, news, knowledge, memes and LOLs, whatever you name, the inimitable Reddit is there, providing its supreme content to every casual web user. And that is the reason Reddit comes at the top of a person’s wish list of the websites he would like to surf everyday.


In a very general language, Reddit is a growing collection of topic based communities. People create these communities, post to them, vote and comment there to maintain a live interaction in the community. But there are certain reddit tips that need to be followed while surfing this big website and here are they:

Don’t Repost Content !

Repost is just like a joke that you have already heard and it gets the same reaction as a repeated joke get.

Do you know Reddit is knows as the origin of best online memes? Yes, it really is and even if they don’t, they are most likely to make a presence on this platform the moment they appear on the internet. Hence posting a meme, a video, a movie quote without first verifying its presence on Reddit can lead you to a Karma loss. So before posting anything search well on Reddit and if the post is already available there then better leave it alone.

Don’t use the wrong SubReddit !

One of the most essential element of being a successful Redditor is to know where and when to submit a post. By picking up a wrong subReddit you can lose the value of a post. Posting in a wrong subReddit is equals to the no posting at all or even worse you can get negative votes for that post.

Don’t lie here !

As you know every social media platform or community is an opportunity for you to make a new identity of yours. Same case is with Reddit. Hence a small lie can make or ruin your reputation here so it’s better not to take any risk on Reddit since people here can drop a raft of comments that weren’t exactly what you were expecting.

Don’t ignore the rules !

Reddiquettes- the norms of every Reddit community are the roots of Reddit. Every SubReddit has a moderator and a particular set of rules. If someone got caught violating these rules, Reddit will wait for no second to spam you. So have a look at these Reddiquette before submitting any post in any subReddit.

Well, these are some don’ts that are when kept in control can leverage you with the benefits of Reddit. Keep them in mind and start your Reddit submission today.


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