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3 gmail plugins that improve your productivity!

There is no denying in the fact that email has become a big part of our daily lives nowadays. Whether you are a business person or a house maker, you spent handful of hours in front of your computers everyday to check your mails. It not only affects your health and fitness but also impact your productivity at work. Okay let’s say, you always put your work at first place and completes your project on time but fail to keep up with your email conversation. What’s the result?

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Well, the results will not be in your favor even when you have delivered an exceptional project. So I suggest you not to compromise on this and have an alarming eye upon your inbox with some of my cool gmail tricks. Here is a list of Gmail plugins that you can use to manage your inbox. Have a look:

MxHero !

You want to send an email to someone but do not want anyone else to read it or not forward to someone else, then MxHero should be your choice. MxHero self-destructs an email five minutes after it is opened. It also lets you know when  your email is opened, traces which link are clicked within your email and also let you know whether the attachments are viewed or not. It is absolutely free for gmail accounts and goes well with chrome.

Bananatag !

This plugin is useful for both private or business purpose. If you want to know that people actually are reading emails then Bananatag is for you. Just pick your specific emails that you want to track and know whether people are opening it or not. You will get notifications in your inbox with the updates.

SecureGmail !

In the era of compromised online security, everyone wants to keep their personal information safe. SecureGmail is the plugin that keeps all your emails safe and away from hackers as it sends an encrypted version of your email, even the Google servers can’t see the original text. Only the recipient of your email can decrypt your email with a single password that you guyz have agreed upon first.

Boomerang !

When you interact a lot with emails everyday there are chances that you might forget about a business proposal you sent or about some very important email that you need to respond. But with a scheduler like Boomerang you can schedule some of your emails to send at a specific time or date. So that you don’t miss on an opportunity.

So these are some of the Gmail plugins that are capable of streamlining your daily tasks on Gmail. Install them and see what difference they make to your life.


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