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Highly effective tips to improve your website traffic in 2017


Traffic will always be main concern every year and with upcoming days the concern will get more depressing. Every year new competitors are getting live which is making survival difficult.

The content and niche is limited but competitors are many which share same goal as yours.

In this post we will share some of the old and new tactics which will help you get more traffic on your website.

Share buttons: Share buttons are a boon for content creators like bloggers, podcasters, viners as well as photographers. Share buttons for a website are highly effective in driving referral traffic to your websites through social shares.

They can be added to any sharable element on website to enable sharing of that element.

The only advice with sharing buttons is that create good content and place share buttons the right way to provoke social sharing on your website, which in return will drive social traffic back to your website.

Infographics: Infographics are very relevant and interesting  piece of content which everyone in the niche will like to know about. People can use it to get specific information and create content related to it. Creating a detailed and interesting infographic will make people to share it and link to it. This drives traffic in from of source url or reference.

This way you can get traffic from other websites.

Ads: Today ads have become very targeted and user controlled compared to previous times.

Ads are considered as an expensive medium but in reality they are not.

Websites can choose different type of ad type which fits their requirement. Some of popular type of ads is pay per click and pay per impression, where website has to pay according to click and impressions (generally per 1000 impressions ).


On social media the campaign types are same but it include more options to increase engagement with the website like pay per follow.


These are some tips which will improve your website traffic in 2017.


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