Significance of user friendliness in any website and how


User Friendliness is a key factor which every website should have. No matter whether it is a simple admin panel or complexly coded page, everyone seeks some comfort while using them.

Most of you may be thinking about websites right now, how you can improve user friendliness, what all tips will be listed in this post, what if I have already implemented those tips and all.

Here I will be discussing some of the tips which  are very less shared but very useful.

Before digging to tips, let us know why user friendliness matters?

It matters because it has ability to drive traffic and conversions to your website.

User friendliness should not be calculated on the basis of big elements on website like theme color, logo color, first appearing elements, but it should be calculated on the basis of total experience on the website or the flow through which a user enters and exits.

For example if a user enters website via an ad then it is the responsibility of the website to drive it to right product and make them purchase it. While in the flow there should not be any other element which can distract their flow.

The flow should be such user friendly that a visitor gets into the flow and can access elements with ease.

Below are some suggestions which can help in maintaining user friendliness across website and can help in supporting different user flow too.

 If you have a blog then share buttons are a must. They help in sharing content on social media very efficiently and without any delay. Suppose someone likes your content, wants to share it with friends on social media and the continue reading then share buttons can get it done quickly and maintain the flow of the user.

Google Tag Manager is very helpful for ecommerce websites. It can track small interaction on your website (can create goals) and can help you know how visitor is interacting with your website.

Live chat is very important for any service and ecommerce website. Users need not to wait for emails and call backs to take information about content or make orders directly.

Live chat enables a small chat box on website which is collapsed by default. If someone wants to interact then they can click on box and start chatting.

User’s flow can also be tracked from live chat control panel to further improve the process.

So this is the reason why user friendliness should be there on any website and what you can do to improve it.



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