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Gaining impressions on your WordPress website using social media


Social media is a vast platform which has variety of users. It can be used for multiple purposes like marketing, branding, driving traffic, public polls, going live.


One of the benefits mentioned above is website traffic. Driving traffic from social media has benefits, not only in terms of visitors and conversions but also with search engine rankings.


Website traffic is divided into four types.

Organic traffic, referral traffic, direct traffic and social traffic. These four types of traffic determines how popular a website is and is one of the factors for ranking.


Social media traffic being an individual entity among the factors, is very crucial and needs to be concentrated too.


In this post we will discuss some of the tips to include in your wordpress website for gaining traffic/impressions from social media.


Have page like/follow button widget on your website; visitors to your site should know about your presence on social media. Generally follow buttons  comes in two variants, one shows follow counter and other is without counter.

If you have followers above 300, you can go for follow buttons with counters.

Visitors can directly like/follow your page without leaving your website. In wordpress by default there is a position reserved, i.e. at the footer, but placement can vary according to theme type.


Have social sharing installed; Social sharing plugin in wordpress enables social share buttons on posts, images, pages and other media. With the help of sharing buttons, visitors can share content on social media, which then brings back social traffic.  


Use social media ads; Ads on social media have power to reach to maximum people on social media. Use it along with your content to reach maximum people. According to requirement, you can separate your specific audience to show ads too.


You can use plugins like pixel tracker which tracks engagement on page redirected from Facebook to increase efficiency of the ad.


These were some of the tips to for gaining impression on your WordPress site via social media.


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