Single Sign-On Solution: Buyers Guide

The single sign-on solution or SSO has become a backbone of businesses in the field of authentication. The aim of businesses is to overcome the authentication problems that end users are facing.

They have to waste major part of their time in entering credentials to get access to several websites. Even for websites that belong to the same business, they have to enter credentials separately for each account. To overcome this serious issue, businesses are considering SSO as their first choice. Buying an SSO solution is a very important decision and as a business owner, you need to consider lots of things before making a purchase.

The article will explain some of such factors that you need to focus while purchasing the right SSO solution for your workforce.


  • Define your objectives


All the good project is driven by the define objectives, buying a software is no different. On the way of defining objectives, you have to analysis pain points of both yours as well as users (more importantly). Then you have to work on eliminating these pain points to transit your business and measure profit. Here are some of the business objectives:

Decrease IT cost: The solution must dramatically reduce the costs of IT resources including password reset calls, the number of resets, support help-desk cost etc.

Improves employees productivity: It must eliminate multiple logins, lockouts, and resets per day. This directly improves the productivity.

  1. Define your requirements

Defining the requirements is very important. They are the heart of buying anything. You have to research and analyze the things that you needed before making a purchase. Like the need of an enterprise is reliable technology so must ensure the reliability if the solution before purchasing it.

  1. Select the right protocol

There are many working protocols of a single sign-on solution.SAML, OAuth, OpenId etc. are some of the famous SSO protocols. Do a research on different protocols and select the best suited that fulfills your needs.

These are some of the most important things to consider before choosing the SSO solution.  



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