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Qualities of a Perfect Web Single Sign-On Solution

The frustration of accessing a website and the need to login multiple times before getting the needed the required information is not new. We all are facing the same issue since the time the internet started to rule the digital world.

To save us from the trouble of login multiple times, IT experts came up with a solution named web single sign-on solution. There is only one set of credential and users need to enter credentials once in order to access web services for a session.

It is out of the box solution that unifies the users logins and offers them a single login approach to the multiple websites of a business. As the number of online resources is increasing continuously, the need of web SSO is also increasing. There are numbers of SSO vendors who offer the service.

As a business owner, you need to be very careful and choose an SSO vendor that offers a solution that best fulfills the needs of your business. The article will explain some of the points that you need to consider while selecting your SSO vendor. Make sure, it must fulfill the following requirements.

Does it supports all your application? Well, knowing the answer to this question is very important. The SSO solution must support all the applications you have. It must be a solution that stands alone.

How quickly can it be deployed? It is an important factor to consider. The solution must be able to adopt the new applications quickly.

Is it fulfilling all security measures? Security is a factor that can break or build a business. Businesses are considering this factor as one of the most important ones. The solution must fulfill all the security measures. The solution must support two-factor authentication. It adds up security.

Is it driving profit? Your SSO is not just a solution, it is an investment. It improves your users experience, efficiency, and most importantly the productivity. Thus helps you in driving some leads and sales.

So, friends, choose your web SSO solution carefully and make your authentication process simple, smooth and secure.


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