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Why Cloud Based Web SSO is Must?

While working on many projects at LoginRadius– a leading identity and access management provider, I came to know the challenges we are facing while extending the identities to the cloud- which includes managing multiple user identities, directories, and profiles. Multiple user identities mean multiple accounts to manage which is a very hectic job for the organization.


The organization understands this need and came up with a solution named web single sign-on solution that provides the centralized view of each and every user. Here are some reasons why LoginRadius offers Web SSO solution ( along with the IAM.

Foundational simplicity:

As we consume cloud services, basic identity access management solutions are already implemented on our infrastructure. Therefore in order to maximize the consumption of cloud, SSO is a great option to utilize the facilities of cloud services. Implementing the services reduces infrastructure size, complexity and most importantly the time required for managing resources. It also reduces the cost.

Fast and easy:

The cloud-based services have matured identity management services that easily synchronize, integrate on current using technology. This can be done within minutes and can be hosted in the cloud premises without the need for further infrastructure.

Single solution:

The cloud provider’s web SSO solution eliminates the need of other SSO vendors. The ability to configure and integrate with your current applications and services means there is no longer need to depend on third-party SSO vendor. It reduces the complexity and businesses can focus more on improving their customers experience instead of the search of the best SSO provider.

Improve market speed:

Once the businesses synchronized their users data with the SSO solution, they can improve the market speed. The identity and password synchronization eliminate the need of remembering multiple credentials and Federation eliminate the need of multiple logins.

With the pace of innovation in IT, the single sign-on is no more an option for organizations who have multiple websites and applications. And for the best usage of cloud services, IAM with SSO solution is a great choice.


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