Do’s and Don’ts While Choosing A Domain

There are hundreds of things that one has to keep in mind while choosing a domain name. Of course, you plan to stick with it for a long time so, you need to pick one that best suits your business. Thus, any mistake in choosing the right domain name will cost you forever. To save you from the mentioned scenario, I am going to explain some dos and don’ts of securing a domain name.

Do: Try to incorporate a keyword

There are several benefits of incorporating keyword or location in your domain name. There is very high probability that the domain name you have in mind is already taken, in such case you can use a keyword or location instead of choosing a different domain name. It will help in driving traffic from users who are looking for related keywords.

Don’t: Forget to renew registered domain

What happens if you don’t renew any of your existing services? Simply the service will get expired. The same is with the domain. If you forget to renew your domain, the result will be disastrous especially in a case where it is driving huge traffic and sales. There are a lot of people out there who are looking to snipe famous domains. They either use it for themselves or keep it for ransom.

Do: Backorder your domain

Backordering is very important. Suppose if you are looking for a web domain name and you come to know that it is going to expire soon, you can backorder the domain. Especially if you are living in India, there are numbers of .in domain drop catch tools that can help you in preordering your desired domain. The process will help you in purchasing the required domain.

Don’t: Use dashes, abbreviations

Use of abbreviations and dashes makes the domain name hard to remember. Uses of dash confuse users (or the lack of thereof) and most probably they type it wrong. In case you add the dash because the domain name is already taken, you are wrong. In the end, you will lose a certain amount of traffic from users who forget to add a dash.

These are some do’s and don’ts of while choosing a domain.


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