How To Go Anonymous Online?

Maintaining anonymity on the internet is not easy. Today’s ad-driven internet environment is totally based on users information. Be it for selling anything, for national security, governments and organizations want to know everything they can about a user (you). They are trying their best to gather information via several means. Some websites ask for your driving license number, some for other details issued by the government or some your social media details, once they get such details they permit you to access their services.

The whole game is of collecting information. But from the user point of view, personally, I feel uncomfortable in sharing my details with anyone. I have always a fear that my data goes into the wrong hands. And this is not my fault, the fear is natural. So, most of the time I used to avoid sharing my credentials or other details.

To sort out the issues, anonymous login came into the picture. In such type of login, users don’t need to provide their details, they can access online resources without providing any information to the website owner.


Being anonymous has its own advantages. No one likes disturbance in privacy. The article will accentuate some ways that help you to go online anonymously.


Tor stands for The Onion Router. It allows users to encrypt the internet traffic and each time when a user connects to a web server, it routes the traffic via a random array of nodes before heading to the final destination.

There are several ways to use Tor from different devices. Among all, the Tor browser is the most popular. Simply install the application on your PC or Mac allows users to browse the internet anonymously.

Although the application has several merits but there are also many demerits associated with it. First, browsing on Tor is a little bit slow. Secondly, the application is not suitable for torrenting files and streaming videos.

Even though your internet data is encrypted, an internet service provider can still detect whether you are using Tor or not. This raise suspicion. In the case of suspicious activity, ISP can choke the bandwidth, send you a desist letter or even complaint about you to the security authorities.

Logless VPN

VPN or virtual private network encrypts all the Internet traffic and routes them through an intermediary server into the location chosen by the user. That means the IP addresses are masked and it is not possible for ISPs and third-party providers to monitor the traffic.

How does it work?

Most of the VPNs utilize shared IP addresses. In this, multiple users are assigned to a single IP address. This makes it impossible to trace activities of a single user of the pool. VPNs are generally made for privacy, not for anonymity. But the fact is that privacy and anonymity go hand in hand.

Using a VPN needs a certain level of trust. Very few VPN providers have their own infrastructure. Users traffic is encrypted on their local device. It remains encrypted until the time it reached the VPN server. Once it reached, it is decrypted before being sent to the destination. Therefore, for a short moment, user’s activity is visible for a VPN provider.

That is the main reason logless VPN are highly recommended. The tag of “Logless”  or “zero logs” or “no logs” VPN ensures that the VPN provider does not keep any information.

Search Engines

Search engines track record of whatever queries you have and where you are clicking in the browser.

Duckduckgo is perhaps one of the best search engines that doesn’t track user profiles. Well it is a good option but the problem with it is, it is fully independent browser and its results are not good as Google.

Startpage is also an application using for search anonymously. Luckily, it is a venture of Google. On your behalf, it submits a search query in Google. All the search results shown is encrypted with a proxy link underneath them. The user can click through any website while maintaining their privacy through a proxy server.

These are some of the best ways to go online without revealing your true identity or access services anonymously. After all, privacy matters a lot. If you have doubts or want to add some more interesting ways, mention them in the comment box.



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